the week via iphone

  • Chile Relleno at Lolitas
  • Churros filled with caramel + condensed milk dip
  • Holographic gogo dancer at Lolitas
  • Justin Bieber cut-out
  • Dolce Vita x Target studded oxfords
  • Bathroom at American Fish
  • Tuna Tartare at American Fish
  • Christmas tree at the Aria
  • Berry crepe at Espressamente Illy
  • Jersey Boys at the Palazzo
  • Jersey Boys stage
  • Sushi Samba


photo diary: thanksgiving weekend with the family

  • BBQ feast in the 28 degree weather
  • Star Wars characters on the strip - Halloween happens every day here
  • Barry Bonds ate at Hash House A Gogo!
  • The all-famous Man vs Food sage fried chicken benedict at Hash House A Gogo
  • Cute Serendipity landscape... with a cherry on top
  • Pink Serendipity chairs
  • Bellagio's festive ceiling
  • Bellagio Conservatory
  • Firefly on Main Street
  • 99 cent deep fried oreos from Mermaids
  • The Tank at the Golden Nugget
  • Liquid nitrogen icecream at Atomic #7


sunday swap meets + eats

Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet, Pops Philly Cheesesteaks
After non-stop bawling under a mountain of snuggies while watching the Green Mile, I decided I needed to stop feeling bad for John Coffey ("like the drink, only not spelled the same way") and do something! And so goes the journey to the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet... which is really more like a time machine for dusty trinkets from the 80s. Smells like the 80s too. Needless to say, I loved all the musty, tacky goodness. I'm a sucker for a good deal. I'm also a sucker for finding "treasures" in a sea of funk. Well damn, I just might be a secret hoarder...

Had some Pop's Philly Cheesesteaks on our way back home. Opted to eat in the car though, because the wind was extra violent (they must have been watching the Green Mile too). Food was deelish: veggie cheesesteak,  pork bbq grinder, fried okra. Not sure Loren liked the Okra. Can't say I blame him though. If you've never had okra before, the slimey insides can be a tad off-putting. Need to go back for their bananas foster and next time try a medley of other deep fried foods. Deep fried anything = I can die happy.


your mouth is like a hoover...dam

Hoover Dam innards
Watch the water shoot right back up. Hoover Dam is picky about what kind of water it gets. Sparkling only, geez!

Revel in the glory of the dam's innards! Paid $30 for a Hoover Dam tour. I'm not entirely sure it was worth it, but Loren was as giddy as a school girl.

The coolest thing? Spill water over the dam and the wind will shoot the water back up. Didn't need $30 to see that spectacle.


take a hike

(top of Cathedral Rock, mountain chipmunk, Mary Jane Falls, swollen fingers, tree graffiti, forest fire)
Take away the drunken debauchery on the strip and you get a large suburb. seriously. The good thing is that there are some awesome hiking trails. Fun fact: my fingers swell up like a plump sausage with increased elevation. Had to hold up my arms for the rest of the hike. Fun times.